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All copyright, trade marks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in and on http://www.eŠ belong to eAnagnosis Ltd. and/or third parties. eAnagnosis Ltd reserves all of its rights in the online content. You are not licensed to use any trade mark, design right or copyright owned or controlled by eAnagnosis or third parties except as expressly provided in a written authorisation by eAnagnosis Ltd. and/or third parties.
The development team at eAnagnosis is making every effort so that all content, information and cross-referencing on our site remains as accurate as possible and free of any errors or ommissions.
Visitors are bound by the Terms to make use of the site without breaching the law or offending morality, in accordance with public policy and not to undertake any action such as that which may cause problems in the site's functionality, affect or endanger the flow of services from eAnagnosis towards the public.

eAnagnosis is using all legal means at its disposal to protect users against any third-party attempt to demote, endanger the safety or bypass measures of safety in place at any given moment that safeguard against all unauthorised intervention in the process of collecting data, or against any attempt to remotely access and/or interrupt the functioning of a user's operating system and/or any other feature and programe installed in the user's computer via the site http://www.eŠ eAnagnosis is therefore exempt of any liability for cyber attacks and hacking attempts by third parties aimed at neutralising such measures as are or will be in place at any time.
In order to ensure the supply of services by eAnagnosis, or for the purpose of quality control or for the accrutement of accurate feedback, the user may be required to submit to eAnagnosis data of a personal, non-sensitive nature. User data submitted for the aforementioned purposes may be used by eAnagnosis exclusively for reasons associated with the uninterrupted, targeted and accurate supply of services expressely requested by each user. The user undertakes the commitment to allow the use of and indemnify eAnagnosis for any appropriate use of user data of a personal, non-sensitive nature submitted.

Full agreement and unreserved acceptance of the Terms is a prerequisite for navigating the site and making use of the onine services offered via the site. Use of sofware and/or services offered on this site entails per se full acceptance of and unreserved agreement with the Terms. By using such sofware or accessing these services the user undertakes to honour the Terms set by eAnagnosis.
eAnagnosis retains the right to modify the entirety or parts of these Terms, or the Terms governing the carrying out of transactions made through the site according to the business ethics to which it adheres. eAnagnosis is bound to inform users of any modification to the content of the site that can be reasonably deemed to  affect gravelythe carrying out of transactions through its site.

Any disputes arising out of the Terms will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Hellenic Republic. If you choose to bring proceedings in connection with the Terms you must do so in the courts of Hellas.
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