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eAnagnosis is a closely knit group of professionals from different fields bound together by their common love for the written word. Our aim is to utilise the enormous technical advantages of the information age in order to enrich and make accessible knowledge contained within printed pages, be they century-old leather-bound volumes or software user manuals. Framework means everything to us: we are always striving to retain a book's original character, unless of course we are specifically asked by our authors to create an entirely new publishing concept for their work. After all, what is marginalia but the right way to place a framework around a page?

Unfortunately, printed pages are too valuable to treat in such a way, but pages of digital documents are not. So, we are aiming high; we are aiming to revolutionise e-publishing by creating the right tools and offering the right materials to users who wish to know the story behind each book, see images pertaining to the bookĘs content, watch and listen to video and audio that brings the book to life.

Of course, as book lovers ourselves, we would never try and turn book into film; our work is to egg the readerĘs imagination on, polish his/her knowledge on a subject and provide the right setting and on-screen conditions that help him/her enjoy a relaxed reading experience. As publishers, we create multimedia editions, as experts we try and propagate knowledge and as readers, we are looking to have our demanding needs met. All these approaches require creativity, dedication and hard work, but above all excitement for what we do - bringing printed books into the digital age.

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