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Business reports, ERP information, ISO forms, technical manuals, contracts, minutes require not only reading but commenting too, without any modification of the content. ThatĘs where  Marginalia shows its value. Enrich your comments with links from your corporate portal or the web and share it with other employees.
Book aficionados:
We love books, we respect them, we do not deface them. Still, all the little thoughts
and comments that come to mind while reading, all those intriguing citations weĘ d like to keep… where do they go? WouldnĘt it be nice to save them all in marginalia? When reading,  you can show or hide them and even share them with a friend!!
Read e-books, make notes,  store your knowledge, attach references, write essays,  share your work with colleagues. Search the web and enjoy YT videos without  leaving your Marginalia productivity companion.
Dozens of manuals and reports make for a nightmarish setting whenever you need a
bit of information in a hurry. You know you've read about it someplace, but can't put your finger on it. Search your notes with Marginalia and bookmarks by keywords, lock on to what you need and open the right book at the right page with just one click!
Read PDF, SWF, ePub:
Check offers, contracts, minutes
Read papers, essays, manuals
Reach ISO documents
Organize ERP reports
Enjoy eBooks, photos, videos
Annotate and enrich:
Comments, Questions, Agreements
Disagreements, Highlights, Arrows
Brackets, Attachments, Bookmarks
Images, videos, YouTube, URLs
Link pages, eBooks to eBooks
Share and collaborate:
Annotate with more author names
Receive comments on your notes
Search Annotations by keywords
Email eBook with Annotations
Keep original file unchanged
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